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Crafting A Green World

Hemp Twine: An Eco Alternative to Baker’s Twine

By Becky Striepe
July 12, 2011

Baker’s twine is all the rage, but conventional cotton leaves a lot to be desired, from an eco perspective. Hemp twine to the rescue! Not only can you use hemp twine in place of baker’s twine in craft projects, but it’s great for making jewelry, scrapbooking, or even in the garden.


Vegetarian Times

By Gabrielle Harradine

April 2009

When we began our search for hemp goods, we couldn’t believe how many great things this durable, nutritious plant — which thrives without pesticides — can make. From bagels to blankets, discover the myriad ways we found to appreciate the sustainable wonder.

The New York Times

The New York Times

Shopping for Party Centerpieces With David Stark

By Tim McKeough
September 4, 2008

The New York event designer David Stark transforms unexpected materials, sometimes even scraps headed for the recycling bin, into works of beauty. He recently went shopping for materials to create three centerpieces for harvest season parties.